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German Christmas Market

Preparation for the Christmas Market

We want to produce Christmas handicrafts to be sold at the Christmas Market on 8 December. So on Tuesdays Barbara von Alten invites everyone interested to join her for a session from 10:30 (every Tuesday except 9th October). We will prepare some materials and ideas, but you are most welcome to get creative yourselves. Then there will be sandwiches and it is often followed at 14:00 by a film. Please sign up with Barbara or Udo.

If you still have brand new things that you don’t really need, we are collecting prizes for our tombola. If it’s a box of chocolates that soon reaches its sell by date, we can use it for our Bring & Buy on 20th October (like anything used that is still good). You can leave it at the Lancaster Hall Hotel Reception any time. Just let them know what it is for. Many thanks in advance!

Please do help us to achieve a great result by volunteering, donating and advertising. Many thanks in advance for your support!

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