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German Christmas Market

The market on Saturday 9th December was even better than last year. The live music brought people in again. The restaurant did a roaring trade, as did the tombola and all the other stalls. The children were kept entertained by Rachel’s arts & crafts workshop and the children’s entertainer. After the Christmas Shop and other after-sales we had hardly any biscuits and only a moderate number of Stollen left to donate to The Connection at St Martin’s. So this year we were able to donate the profit of £4,000 to The Friends of St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington, for equipment. This was much more than we expected (last year: £2,700 with a much better exchange rate to buy the goods). Many thanks to donors, customers, musicians and helpers!


Stamps for Bethel

For many years we have been collecting used (and unused) stamps for Bethel, a social charity in Bielefeld, Germany. The donated stamps are sorted and processed by disabled people to be sold on. This gives them jobs and a lot of fun in finding out where this particular specimen is from. Please keep all undamaged stamps and pass them on to Udo Bauer, who will send them on to this good cause.


Street Money

A few people from the German YMCA have continued to collect money from the street. In addition one member dedicated her penny-piggy-bank to the good cause, about £100. The Chaplain’s son initiated a cake sale that raised £100. The final result of roughly £216 was donated to The Connection at St Martin’s, the homeless charity in Trafalgar Square, together with the leftover biscuits from the Christmas Market. So, if you find money, jewellery or the like, our Chaplain will happily add it to the collection for 2018.


Congratulations Helena!

Our volunteer Helena Koch won one of the five first prizes in the nationwide German “History Competition of the German Federal President 2017” with her essay on her relative Gerhart M. Riegner, who was the first to alert the Allied to the beginning Holocaust. She received her award from the Federal German President Walter Steinmeier at Bellevue Palace in Berlin.



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