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Dear Members and Friends,
Autumn is here and in a way it's a bit of spring for the YMCA. The programme keeps blossoming as if it were spring after a long lockdown winter. But we are still sailing in uncharted waters. Some members are waiting for German classes in person while others are grateful they are still on Zoom. Some films get a good audience while others are watched by a select few. So this month we are trying something new: We show the same film at 14:00 and again at 19:00 on the same day. Will the evening time bring a new audience? Or will it just split the usual attendance?
Wishing you all the best

Udo Bauer

info@gwc-london.org.uk | u.bauer@german-ymca.org.uk


Zum Geburtstag im September wünschen wir von Herzen Gottes Segen:
Andrew Brook, Irmgard Byrne, Hildegard Charles, Rita Chesney, Graham Croston, Nora Daur, Meredith Draper, Shaun Dunn, Angela Fox, Elli Gill, Margit Hosseini, Roger Losse, Joan Luck, Karen Marti Anton, Margit Martyniak, Pilar Morales, Numa, Barbara Nycyk, Sandra-Lee Pal mer, Helga Read, Hildegard Shepherd, Rachel Shilson, Nicholas Wedd, Claes Winqvist und Max Wright.

Happy Birthday to you all, Uwe Maynard

Honey Honey

This year's harvest was less than usual, so the price had to rise to £9 a jar. It is still worth every penny.

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