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For events announced in German, a basic knowledge of German is required.


German / Italian Classes - Read More >

Peter's Music - Read More >
every Wednesday - 14:00

Voices in Harmony - Read More >

Tu 4.2. Film Club: Kleine Haie 14:00
Drei junge Männer möchten auf die Schauspielschule... Komödie.
We 5.2. Peter's Music Tea Dance 14:00
We enjoy music, movement and muffins.
Th 6.2. Anglo-German Circle: Jesuit Refugee Centre 19:00
Nicholas Hanrahan explains the work of the Jesuit Refugee Centre and how this charity helps their clients.
Sa 8.2. Bring & Buy 12:30
All funds raised go to the Jesuit Refugee Centre, the charity introduced on 6.2.. We will be serving refreshments (Bratwurst, cake...) as well as selling books, CDs, DVDs, clothes,
Th 13.2. Anglo-German Circle: Schlager & Wein 19:00
Listen to German hits while enjoying a glass donated by Gisela Wright.
Su 16.2. Schubertiade: Madeleine Mitchell & Friends 15:00
Madeleine Mitchell (violin), Joseph Spooner (cello) and Philip Pilkington (piano) perform Schubert, Rachmaninov and Ireland.
Tu 18.2. Film Club: Evan Almighty 14:00
A politician wants to change the world and is heard by God who orders him to build an ark. He can't quite believe it... (comedy).
Th 20.2. Anglo-German Circle: The Hubble Telescope 19:00
Documentary on space exploration with spectacular pictures.
Mo 24.2. Rosenmontagslunch 12:45
Food, fun & a glass of wine. Bring your best fancy hat (and a sketch/joke, if you have). Please book by 18.2. (£9; guest £11).
We 26.2. Skattreffen 19:00
Skat zugunsten des German Welfare Councils. £5 Mindestspende.
Th 27.2. Anglo-German Circle: The Normans 19:00
TV documentary on the history of the conquest 1066.
Tu 3.3 Film Club: Willkommen bei den Hartmanns 14:00
Eine reiche Familie nimmt einen Flüchtling auf (Komödie, subtitles).
The piano & violin duo will present music by Schubert and Beethoven.
We 4.3. Peter's Music Live: John Paul Ekins & Henry Chandler 14:00
The piano & violin duo will present music by Schubert and Beethoven.
Th 5.3. Anglo-German Circle: Faith Talk - The Text of the Bible 19:00
How did the Bible develop? How were the texts handed down to us?
Th 12.3. Anglo-German Circle: Sting 19:00
Christine Bauer talks about the versatile musician.
Su 15.3. Schubertiade: Beth & Flo 15:00
Lively Dutch piano duo Elsbet Remijn and Claudette Verhulst.
Tu 17.3. Film Club: Inspector Barnaby 14:00
We can watch Midsomer Murders in German or English.
Th 19.3. Anglo-German Circle: The Saarland 19:00
Volunteer Jan introduces us to his home region in Germany.
Mo 23.3. Skattreffen 19:00
Skat zugunsten des German Welfare Councils. £5 Mindestspende.
We 25.3. Lunch: Frikadellen 12:45
Two courses for £8, please book by 19.3.
We 25.3. Peter's Music Film: Mamma Mia - Here we go again 14:00
Sequel to the hit Musical with lots of ABBA hits.
Th 26.3. Anglo-German Circle: The German Embassy 19:00
Margit Hosseini explains the history and work at the diplomatic mission.
Th 3.4. to Su 5.4. April Turvey Abbey 14:30
Retreat to the Monastery of Christ our Saviour, Turvey, Bedfordshire. We meet the monks and enjoy the company and peaceful surroundings. £80. Book now!.
Su 19.4. Schubertiade: Fenella Humphreys (violin) 15:00



The next Programme is due around one week before the end of March

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