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The Programme - for everyone

For events announced in German, a basic knowledge of German is required.


German / Italian Classes - Read More >

Peter's Music - Read More >
every Wednesday - 14:00

Voices in Harmony - Read More >

Sa 14.7. Heidi’s BBQ 14:30

Heidi Corbridge invites us to her garden in Ealing. Please book by 5.7.; £7 for supplies.

Tu 17.7. Handicrafts for Christmas 10:30

Feierabend Club: The 39 Steps 14:00

Alfred Hitchcock’s spy thriller masterpiece from 1935.

Th 19.7. Anglo-German Circle: A stroll through Rome 19:00

Barbara von Alten shows her side of the eternal city.

We 25.7. Skattunier 19:00

Skat zugunsten des German Welfare Councils. £5 Mindestspende.

Th 26.7. Anglo-German Circle: Bye bye Helena 19:00

Ending the season with a farewell to volunteer Helena Koch.



The next Programme is due around one week before the end of May

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