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For events announced in German, a basic knowledge of German is required.


German / Italian Classes - Read More >

Peter's Music - Read More >
every Wednesday - 14:00

Voices in Harmony - Read More >

Th 25.4. Anglo-German Circle: The Man Who Knew Too Much 19:00
Hitchcock murder plot thriller starring Peter Lorre.
Su 28.4. Schubertiade - Masako Kamikawa 15:00
The Japanese pianist returns with Schubert and Feuchtwanger.
Mo 29.4. Skattunier 19:00
Skat zugunsten des German Welfare Councils. £5 Mindestspende.
We 1.5. Lunch: Beef Olive 12:45
£8 for two courses (save £1 before 24.4.)
We 1.5. Peter’s Music Film: 7 Brides for 7 Brothers 14:00
Musical set in the Wild West.
Th 2.5. Anglo-German Circle: Honey Talk 19:00
John Chapple speaks about honey and lets us sample some.
Tu 7.5. Film Club: Victoria & Abdul 14:00
True story of Queen Victoria (Judi Dench) and her Indian servant.
Tu 7.5. Cake for the Homeless 16:00
Raising funds for the Connection at St Martin’s in the Fields.
We 8.5. Peter’s Music Live: Isabel Beyer & Harvey Dagul 14:00
The piano duettists perform works by Johann Christian Bach, Franz Schubert, York Bowen and Antonin Dvorak.
Th 9.5. Anglo-German Circle: Cartoons 19:00
A whole variety of animated short films.
Th 16.5. Anglo-German Circle: Krimi Abend 19:00
Wir sehen eine Folge von Derrick, einer der erfolgreichsten deutschen Krimiserien.
Sa 18.5. Bring & Buy 12:30
Anything portable welcome, except food and mains electrical. There are also light refreshments (cake, Bratwurst, …). Funds raised for PIP, a charity for people with learning difficulties.

Su 19.5. Schubertiade Schubert Society Prize Winner 2018 15:00
Madeleine Bradbury Rance (soprano) won last year’s competition at the London Song Festival and is accompanied by Panaretos Kyriazidis (piano).
Tu 21.5. Film Club: Wir Wunderkinder 14:00
Satire über zwei sehr verschiedene deutsche Karrieren von Nazizeit bis Wirtschaftswunder (no Englisch subtitles).
We 22.5. Skattunier 19:00
Skat zugunsten des German Welfare Councils. £5 Mindestspende.
Th 23.5. Anglo-German Circle: Frauenwahlrecht 19:00
Margit Hosseini erinnert an 100 Jahre gleichberechtigte Wahl.
Th 30.5. Anglo-German Circle: Faith Talk - Ascension Day 19:00
Meditating slides of old manuscript illuminations after Joerg Zink.



The next Programme is due around one week before the end of May

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