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Photo Exhibition

A glimpse into our 150 year history

150 LogoThere are many reasons why people get involved with the German YMCA in London – be it employment, companionship, hospitality or culture, be it for a few days or many many years. Everyone has their own story.

Annual Review 2010The story of our history is both vast and complex, surviving through many difficult times. The material used for this exhibition has mainly come from the Association’s own archive of photos, minutes, books and printed programmes. Our aim is to give a small glimpse into the people and places of the German YMCA in London over 150 years, and maybe you will discover a few surprising and interesting facts…

Martina Hildebrandt


The images contained in this exhibition are included in our Annual Review 2010:
low-res PDF (2.0 MB)
hi-res PDF (24.5 MB)


Main Entrance   Exhibition space   Exhibition space   Old entrance, 35 Craven Terrace


Still Open Daily - Free Admission

Location: near the Brothers Room in the area outside the General Secretary’s office

Photo Exhibition poster

Still open in 2017


Bernd Hildebrandt’s book on the Association’s history was published in November 2010.
A short history, and more details are on our History page.


If you have any comments about the exhibition or our history, we would like to hear from you. Please e-mail: history@german-ymca.org.uk







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