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Dear Members and Friends,

We are slowly getting back to normal. If all goes to plan, we will start the first meet- ings in person this month after 17th May. But we want to start slowly and have to adhere to the rules, so you will have to book your place beforehand since we have to limit numbers. We will sit socially distanced and share a cup of tea/coffee after the events.

The volunteers are still selling on Gumtree (look for “Books”, “CD” or “DVD” near W2 3EL, sort by Nearest First; the plural “CDs” and “DVDs” doesn't’ work). You can find lots of things in German that you might otherwise not get so easily in London. From 17th May you can pick up your bargains after any event (you have to let us know in advance what you’d like to get, otherwise we won’t find it so easily at a drop of a hat; only the girls know the secret of the book/CD/DVD order in the storage room).

From 17th May you can also buy jars of London Honey for £8, a share of which supports our YMCA. During office hours you can get them from Reception. It’s delicious!

Fun Run

The week before Easter, our volunteers Johanna, Sarah and Vera organised a Fun Run with the aim of getting others active and feel connected to our network of YMCAs and international friends. We gathered 55 people from 6 different countries such as England, Germany, Italy, Canada, Austria, and the Czech Republic, which made our Fun Run a truly international event. Even though the participants formed teams to collect as many kilometres as possible, every single one ran on their own path to avoid contacts. After six days of running, we’d collected 989,89 km in total. We’re really impressed by our community that achieved so much in such a short period of time. If you’d like to find out more about the results of our fun run and what stunning views some of the runners have had you can check out the little clip we put together by clicking on the following link.

Udo Bauer

Programmes Update

Our German Conversation and Culture classeson Zoom started on 19 April:

10:00 Advanced (full)
13:30 Beginners plus

13:30 Advanced
15:00 Intermediate plus
18:00 Intermediate
18:00 Beginners (not from scratch, though)

If you would like to join them, just send an email to u.bauer@german-ymca.org.uk.

You would have to be Associate Member and pay £20 per term per class.

Peter’s Music Zoom

Peter’s Music Zoom continues every Wednesday 13:30 on Zoom. The log in details are the same every week:

You can also send requests: u.bauer@german-ymca.org.uk

The log in details are recurring every week:


Or you log in on the Zoom website: Meeting ID: 839 0082 1749 | Passcode: 641841

From 19 May we will meet for it in person at the German YMCA. Please do book your place since the numbers are limited.

Thursday 20 May 19:00 we will welcome back the Anglo German Circle in person and start the new season with a social, looking back and ahead. Please do book your place since the numbers are limited.

Monday 24 May 19:00 will be the first Skat tournament. Please do book your place since the numbers are limited.

Bookings on: u.bauer@german-ymca.org.uk or 020 7723 5684
Please always adhere to social distancing, disinfect your hands and don’t come if you have symptoms of Covid 19.

We hope to be able to offer some more activities in June, though as it looks our capacity will be limited for some time. If you have suggestions, please don’t hesitate to let us know.



Unsere Eltern-Kind Gruppe ‘Struwwelpeter’ wird am 5. Mai wieder zum ersten Mal anfangen und von nun an jeden Mittwoch von 10 bis 12 im Brothers‘ Room im Lancaster Hall Hotel stattfinden. Eltern oder Nannies mit Kindern von 0 bis zum Kindergarten Alter sind eingeladen zu Spiel, Spaß und Singen. Wegen der Corona Bedingungen bitten wir um Anmeldung. Kosten: wir bitten um eine Spende. Informationen und Anmeldung bitte an y-services@german-ymca.org.uk oder 020 3238 2197. Da das Büro nicht ständig besetzt ist, hinterlasst bitte eine Nachricht, wir rufen zurück. Herzlich Willkommen!

The parent – toddler group ‘Struwwelpeter’ starts again on 5th May, every Wednesday from 10 to 12 am in the Brothers’ Room at the Lancaster Hall Hotel. Because of Corona restrictions we ask you to register. Parents or nannies with children from 0 to 3 are invited to play, sing and have fun together. Costs: we ask for a donation. For further information and registration please contact y-services@german-ymca.org.uk or 020 3238 2971 and leave a message. We call you back. Welcome!



In Memoriam

Ida Upham-Battlogg died 7 December 2020 aged 101.
Barbara Weber died 31 March 2021 aged 66. She was one of our Youth Secretaries from 1998 to 2000.

Be careful, keep calm and don’t be afraid. Do not lose heart. Isaiah 7.4


Udo Bauer