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Dear Members and Friends,

Happy New Year to you all! Already a new year - what will it bring? We are hoping and praying for an end to Covid restrictions and for peace, health and happiness. But for a start we think it  wiser to stick to remote German classes for a little while. 

There is some positive news for the end of 2021: The Christmas Fair was a great success and we were able to recoup all expenses and still make a profit of £1500. 

Perhaps I should also mention, that the membership contribution of £10 per year (or any higher sum if you would like to support us stronger) is due in January. 

Udo Bauer

info@gwc-london.org.uk | u.bauer@german-ymca.org.uk


Zum Geburtstag im Januar wünschen wir von Herzen Gottes Segen:

Albert Allen, Christine Bauer, Shirley Bondy, Heike Fischer, Nancy Flores, Mary Furlong, Kauser Granat, James Harbord, M. Huq, Stefan Jaworski, Helen Kelly, Michael Kinnear, Georgia Kyriazi, Andrew Long, Rosemarie Lowenberg, Peter Claver Lwasa, Frances Meyer, William Morton, John Murphy, Anne Pacheco, Katherine Payne, Alan Peake, Terence Richards, Eva Roettgers, Daniel Scording, Rajesh Solanki, Roswitha Williams und Philip Wyatt.
Happy Birthday to you all, Uwe Maynard

An interview with Meike Klein

We are regulars at the Struwwelpeter toddler group since May 2021. As first time mum during lockdown I was always looking for suitable activities we could enjoy, thus I was delighted to hear that the German Stay & Play group got reinstated after regulations had been eased.  

Meanwhile our little one turns 17 months in January, and I have planned his nursery and my work schedule so we could still attend the play group on a regular basis. 

Through Barbara I’ve learnt a bit more about the GYMCA and I am sorry to hear that Au Pair Services cannot be offered anymore due to Brexit. Having been an au pair myself, right after finishing my A-Levels, this feels especially sad, as I’ve enjoyed this experience very much.  Back in the days I took care of a little baby girl in Chicago.  

As my partner and I have been together for over 12 years, we’ve already managed our lives well together in Germany, in New York City, where I’ve studied Change Management and worked in the Student Health and Well-being Department of Berkeley College, and for nearly six years in London now. In Germany, I was self-employed and consulted three municipalities in shaping their profile to become more relevant as a tourism destination. The initial reason for moving to the UK was a pretty nice job offer for my partner, but with my managerial and consultative background it was easy for me to sign a new work contract prior our arrival here in the beginning of 2016. 

As we all know, time flies, and becoming a parent changes everything. The company I am currently working for showed their appreciation for my work through offering me a flexible part-time position where I am responsible for advising our Business Development headquarters team which oversees the EMEIA region. This I highly appreciated as I didn’t want to go back full-time, but I’ve always enjoyed researching opportunities, finding solutions and getting things done.

Besides job and family, I truly enjoy going out for a run. This surprises me, because I used to be more on the lazy side when it came to sports (even though I’ve studied Health Promotion at university!). When I seriously started running in March 2021 my main motivation was to become a fit and sporty mother in order to be a positive role model for our son. This motivation became so strong that I’ve signed up for my first 10k race.   What motivates you? 

In Memoriam

Marion Mainz died in October 2021 at the age of 97.
Erika Robinson died 11 December 2021 at the age of 95.
Our thoughts and prayers are with them and their families and friends.

The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it. John 1.5

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